Rupert Gregory

Rupert Gregory
Rupert Gregory

Florida Yacht Broker Licensed

[email protected]

(954) 907-5622

Rupert Gregory was raised in Fort Lauderdale and started in the Yachting industry in 1975. He became a Captain and managed his own refit business, maintaining yachts and complete refits. After 20 years of experience working with his clients and having several wanting his advice about purchasing a boat. He became a Yacht Salesman in 1995.

Rupert’s extensive knowledge on refits has made him an exceptional salesman and has enabled him to provide money saving advice. His experience and love of boats makes him a popular choice when clients need personal advice on how to get the most out their listing. Rupert goes above and beyond with professional photos and suggestions to enhance the interior and any exterior labor needed.

When assisting a perspective buyer, he is never shy about survey reports and explaining the extent of a report. He has always assisted and advised his clients with the most reliable painters, mechanics and electricians. Rupert has been to Europe numerous times for sales and handles the yachts transport.

Rupert has been a success in the Yachting industry with his work ethic and he says it’s due to his exceptional professional crew working along with him. Contact Rupert for listing or purchasing a boat.

He will see you through the process and therefore he has a continuous repeat business.

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