Chuck Pickover

Chuck Pickover
Chuck Pickover

Florida Yacht Broker Licensed

[email protected]

(561) 758-1006

Meet Chuck Pickover, the Miami native and seasoned yacht broker with an impressive 38-year career in the industry. Specializing in sportfish and large motor yachts, Chuck’s journey began on the vibrant shores of Key Biscayne, where his interactions with fellow brokers sparked the inspiration to pursue a career in yacht sales. For the past four years, he has been a vital asset of Rick Obey Yacht Sales.

Chuck’s expertise extends beyond the brokerage office; he’s an avid hiker of lifelong standing and a mountain biking enthusiast for 25 years. His adventurous spirit doesn't stop there - Chuck is also an experienced hunter, pursuing hogs, deer and quail in the great outdoors. To add to his list of accomplishments, he’s cliched several victories in fishing tournaments.

With Chuck Pickover, clients not only benefit from nearly four decades of industry experience but also from a broker whose passion for adventure and outdoor pursuits adds a unique perspective to the world of yacht brokerage.

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