Mark Ross

Mark Ross
Mark Ross

Florida Yacht Broker Licensed

[email protected]

(305) 479-5180

Meet Mark Ross, the Miami-born yacht broker with 20 years of industry expertise,specializing in European motor yachts and high-end outboard boats. Inspired by his love of boats and people, Mark has been a vital part of Rick Obey Yacht Sales for the past decade.

What sets Mark apart is not just his extensive knowledge of products but also his outstanding ability to create meaningful connections throughout the industry. His dedication and excellence in the field were recognized with the title of “Salesman of the Year”.

Beyond yachts, he enjoys snowboarding, skiing, and traveling, reflecting his adventurous spirit. With Mark Ross, clients not only gain access to his wealth of industry experience but also benefit from a broker known for his exceptional interpersonal skills and a track record of success.

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