Andrew DeCoste

I am happy intertwining my diverse work history and passion for boating to deliver clients the 5-star service, sales guidance, and outcomes they expect and deserve. From first-time yacht buyers to seasoned sellers, I have a genuine passion for accentuating the A to B transactional experience and demonstrate that by not just being a sales expert, but also a mentor and friend. Overall, my goal is to empower clients with unbiased insights and tailored opportunities so they make the best educative selections for themselves and their futures. This, in conjunction with my strong military values, and reputation of fostering mutually-beneficial scenarios, is what can solidify your confidence that your objectives will not just be met, but exceeded.

I love what I do and am committed to ensuring you have a great experience during and after the sale. When I am not working, you can typically find me boating, fishing, and most importantly, spending time with my family out on the water.

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