Alex Mahan

Alex Mahan
Alex Mahan

Florida Yacht Broker Licensed

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(954) 650-5053

Alex is a New England native with a successful past career as Captain of Mega-Yachts spanning over three decades. He earned a degree from the prestigious Maine Marime Academy with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nautical Science. He also served as an Officer in the Merchant Marine during his early years. A Project Manager and Captain of Trinity’s Shipyard first Yacht, 97’ Leda. He has extensive management, engineering, and knowledge of Yachts machinery including jet drives and conventional propulsion.

His love of sailing and yachting came to him at a young age, having been raised on Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Either on the water or in the water – Scuba Diving, Sailing, Fishing, or Power Boating. With Family homes in New England, Florida, and Puerto Rico, he has Captained extensively throughout New England, The Great Lakes, Bahamas, Florida Keys, the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

His philosophy is to offer his clients all of his knowledge and understanding, gaining their respect and confidence to insure his clients enjoy their yacht well after the purchase. With a strict code of Professionalism he brings integrity, passion and expertise to any future or present Yacht Owner. He relocated to Fort Lauderdale, the Yachting Capital of the World, 35 years ago. Married to his Wife Johanna with their Son Aiden, residing in South Florida and Massachusetts.” I’ve been privileged to have worked on some of the finest yachts in the World, with some of the finest Owners. Now I’ve teamed up with the finest Organization, Rick Obey Yacht Sales.

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